CNIE – Digital Storytelling in the Humanities Classroom

Brian Lamb –Director, Innovation TRU

What is happening with digital storytelling in higher ed?

Ken Simpson, Professor of English and Modern Languages

Herms--Pandora's Box (1992)--Crocker Museum

Herms--The Librarian (1960)--Norton Simon Museum

Herms--The Meat Market (1960)--de Young Museum

Nature of appropriation in art.

Motivation for the assignment, and process of planning it.

Brian – What goes into planning a digital storytelling assignment?

Technical support and training, planning and requirements.

Getting past FUD with copyright, and with privacy.

And cool tools – like X-Ray Goggles (part of free online Mozilla Webmaker suite)

Examples: NY Times Mashup, Memes

Student work: Juana Zeme (video); Abetopia (video)

Introducing “standalone model” for mashup media in the literature classroom.

Example: The Sun Rising (John Donne)

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