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Other virtual literary utopias

Last night I got a notification that TRU’s Dean of Students, Chris Adam, had mentioned me on Twitter.

The video for Carleton’s Hyperlab does indeed look super-cool, I could only dream of having something like that set-up at TRU. I did a little more poking around on Professor of English Brian Greenspan,  and read in his bio he is “particularly interested in how utopian and dystopian narratives from any given era represent and respond to contemporary narrative technologies, and in how the lessons of Utopian Studies might inform the new affordances offered by hypertext, video games and social media.”

This project sounds kind of wild:

Using our StoryTrek authorware, I am creating an “archival atlas” of New World utopias and dystopias. By mapping archival city narratives, photos, plans, blueprints and visionary descriptions onto actual geospatial sites, I use the city streets themselves as an open, interactive and dialectical interface to historical narratives of urban upheaval and renewal.

The archival atlas project combines literary and cultural critique with new collaborative tools for multimedia spatial analysis, tracing continuities between the earliest radical media and recent forms of networked activism. It aims to theorize the transition from textual archives to narrative databases, linking social and cultural geographies to recent debates over the future of libraries and the printed book.

I couldn’t help but let him know about our emerging Department of Utopian Communications:

Perhaps Dr. Greenspan would agree to be a virtual guest for one of our upcoming seminar chats later in the semester?