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Firebuggy – Or get X-Ray Goggled?

So as we create artifacts to flesh out the depiction of our Utopias, we might take advantage of tools that allow us to rework existing media in the forms of parodies, mashups, etc… One of my favorites is Firebug, an extension of Firefox.

The tool is actually framed as a tool for web developers to debug web pages. But the DS106 community has cleverly appropriated it as a powerful web storytelling tool.

I have previously referred to Martha Burtis’s post on this approach, in preparation for what I hoped would be a live virtual hookup between her and the Department of Utopian Communications. Alas, cruel circumstance conspired to prevent this meeting of minds. There are a couple other resources that might salve our disappointment:

A live broadcast on web storytelling from Martha and her colleague Tim Owens. They cut into the nitty gritty of Firebug about half-way through.

Firebug Basics drawn from the DS106 Docs collection.

I see that this post from a year ago (“Chicken Soup for the ds106 Soul-Storytelling within the web!”) recommends the use of Mozilla’s Hackasaurus X-Ray Goggles instead of Firebug. I’ve never used it. Maybe one of us should try it?