Digital Storytelling in the Humanities Classroom

Brian Lamb –Director, Innovation TRU

What is happening with digital storytelling in higher ed?

Ken Simpson, Professor of English and Modern Languages

The Literature of Utopia course.

Nature of appropriation in art.

Motivation for the assignment, and process of planning it.

Brian – What goes into planning a digital storytelling assignment?

Technical support and training, planning and requirements.

Getting past FUD with copyright, and with privacy.

And cool tools – like X-Ray Goggles (part of free online Mozilla Webmaker suite)

Examples: NY Times Mashup, Memes


Andria Parker, TRU Student

Student perspective on assignment.

Her work:

Scaling up:

Considerations in digital storytelling assignments in other courses. Varying degrees of assignment expectations, and formal support provided.


So, what do the students get out of this?

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